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Hair extensions are the quickest and most effective approach to transforming your appearance. Most hair extensions can be set up and styled in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you must understand how to store your Remy human hair extensions carefully if you want them to look fantastic every time you use them.   If you don't preserve your Remy human hair extensions properly, you'll end up with a tangled mess instead of silky, lustrous extensions. So, today we will share our secrets on storing your hair extensions like a pro! Pre-Storage Routine ●        Detangle your hair extensions. ●        Dampen the hair extension from roots to tips. ●        Use a moisturizing and sulfate-free shampoo, and gently scrunch the strands to remove product build-up and grease. ●        Rinse under lukewarm water (lukewarm water will help remove the grease). ●        Follow it up by using a conditioner and rinse under cold water. ●        Air-dry the Remy human hair extensions. ●

Sew-in Hair Extension: The Ultimate Guide

Hair extensions—which add volume and length to our existing hair—are available in a wide range of textures and lengths. With so many options, we usually choose extensions based on our lifestyle needs and manageability requirements. Extensions are a great accessory that helps pull our entire look together. In most cases, they are vital in our protective styles and aid in healthy hair growth. WHAT IS A SEW-IN HAIR INSTALL? A sew-in is a popular hair weave technique that uses braids as the foundation for attaching extensions. A stylishly cleanses and blow-dries the client's hair then braids it to create a foundation for hair extensions. Sew-ins typically take two to three hours and last about two months with proper maintenance. The stylist attaches sew in weft hair extensions tracks, closures, or frontals using weaving thread and curved needles. BENEFITS OF A SEW-IN HAIR INSTALL HEAT-FREE: Protective styles such as braids or twists do not require the use of heat on your natural hair.

Ponytail Hairstyles That Make Hair Up

Want to change up your look? Put your hair up in a ponytail. It’s a simple way to give any hairstyle a boost, and you can wear it anywhere—to work, to the gym, or out on the town. Today, women put their hair up into a ponytail when they are feverishly working on a project over their desks and on their laptops, creating something artistic, trying to keep cool, keeping it out of their faces during yoga or lifting weights, dancing the night away, and so on. The hairstyle has been changed over the years; it can be short, long, or super-long with hair extensions and it can be put up with everything from hair ties to pins and sometimes even pens. The Ponytail Princess To start your extensions, grab some hair from the front of your head and tie it in a loose ponytail. Then, grab some hair at the crown of your head and make a small ponytail about an inch thick with a thin elastic. This will be your base ponytail. Next, slide a four  kinky curly clip in hair extensions weft directly under the