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Summer Ponytail Hairstyles For Teens

 The days are heating up, the sun is making an appearance, you have your holidays booked and this means sweaty hair is upon us. We know it’s a very standard British conversation to find fault in the weather, and we are anything but standard, we’re innovative – and if you’re a customer, then so are you! So instead of letting you sit moping around the office about how hot it is, let us help you get rid of those sweaty locks by using our innovative products to give you a great new look. If you're trying to tame your natural hair for a ponytail, you might think you need heat. You don't! You just need a few tools and some water. First, take down your hair and spray it with water from a bottle. Then use a wide-tooth comb to create a part if you have one, and use a paddle brush to smooth the damp hair into a sleek ponytail. Once you've finished this step, spray the rest of your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it gently from bottom to top. Finally, use some styling gel t

How To Check Quality Of Human Hair

 Finding high-quality hair extensions can be tricky—especially if you’re looking for them for personal use or to sell. To make sure you never get scammed by fake virgin hair, here are some tips for testing its quality. 1. Burn Test Weave-burning is the most traditional way to detect if the hair you’re buying is actually human and not synthetic. If it’s true human hair, the strands will be fine, with a silky texture and excellent elasticity. If it’s synthetic, it will be coarse, limp, and will tangle easily. You can take out small strands of hair and burn them with a lighter. If they melt with a chemical smell and turn into ashes, they’re fake. If they immediately catch fire but then turn into an ash ball that melts down into nothing when it hits your table—that’s real human hair! 2. Bleach Test To tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair, you can do burn tests or bleach tests. To do a burn test, take a strand of hair and burn it with a lighter. If the hair goes out imm