How To Check Quality Of Human Hair

 Finding high-quality hair extensions can be tricky—especially if you’re looking for them for personal use or to sell. To make sure you never get scammed by fake virgin hair, here are some tips for testing its quality.

1. Burn Test

Weave-burning is the most traditional way to detect if the hair you’re buying is actually human and not synthetic. If it’s true human hair, the strands will be fine, with a silky texture and excellent elasticity. If it’s synthetic, it will be coarse, limp, and will tangle easily. You can take out small strands of hair and burn them with a lighter. If they melt with a chemical smell and turn into ashes, they’re fake. If they immediately catch fire but then turn into an ash ball that melts down into nothing when it hits your table—that’s real human hair!

2. Bleach Test

To tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair, you can do burn tests or bleach tests. To do a burn test, take a strand of hair and burn it with a lighter. If the hair goes out immediately, it's synthetic. Tape in human hair extensions will go out eventually but may still be burning when you put it out. To do a bleach test, get some lighting kit or any hair bleach at a beauty supply store. Put some of this stuff on the tips of your extension hair and wrap it in thin plastic wrap. After thirty to forty minutes, if the hair turns orange/yellowish, it's virgin hair because chemically processed hair might have been bleached or dyed before.

3. Observe The Color And Shine Of the Hair

If your hair has a shiny, jet-black appearance and feels abnormally soft and silky, it's likely not real virgin hair. The dark color could mean that the hair was dyed black. Shiny hair indicates silicone was added to give it an artificial shine. Washing it will cause the silicone coating to wash away, leaving the hair matted and tangled.

4. Washing Test

If you wear your hair extensions every day, they may get dull. You can wash them to redefine the patterns. This is especially true for wavy or curly virgin hair. For example, you can straighten our loose wig to wear it silk straight. If your hair extensions look a bit different after the first co-wash, that shouldn't be a problem. But if they fall flat and become straight after one wash, chances are they are not high-quality extensions.

5. Shedding Test

Even your own hair sheds too. When you see all the hairballs on the floor, kitchen, class, etc., the hair is probably a bad batch. To test straight hair's shedding, you can co-wash it and then use a wide-tooth comb to brush through it when it’s dry; to test curly or wavy hair, you can deep condition the hair before brushing through it while it’s saturated with conditioner.

When you wash and comb your hair, it’s normal to lose a few strands. However, if you lose a lot of hair in the shower, there may be something wrong with your weave. Sometimes great hair sheds excessively due to poorly constructed weft or loose tracks. You can use weft seal products to secure the tracks and prevent excessive shedding.

6. Tangling Test

The natural oils that coat the hair shaft naturally protect it from tangling. This kind of hair is collected from dirty sources and bathed in acid to strip off the dirt and cuticles.

7. Observe The Volume

A standard bundle of human hair weighs 3.5 ounces (100 grams). In general, the higher-quality the hair, the smaller the track and fuller its body. As the quality decreases, the weft gets bigger and the hair gets thinner. You might see short lengths in a bundle; that's normal. But if a bundle has big wefts and super thin tips, then it's probably mixed with a lot of short lengths.


Many hair extension companies do not offer returns. If you are unsure about a company’s hair, you should look up its return policy. Clip in remy virgin hair extensions wholesale offers four grades of bundles. Customers often ask us what’s our best hair before they purchase. If they bought something wrong and want to exchange or return it, they can send the hair to our New Jersey address. If you are a first-time hair buyer, we do suggest going with a company that offers returns and exchanges. You can also check out the samples of the company to test the quality before you purchase in bulk.


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